TACTOM Tactile Optical Micromanipulation

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TACTOM proposes the first translational research project (FR : projet de maturation) for micromanipulation interactive tools. These systems use touch-feedback to make microscopic tasks easier and more intuitive. There are many high-impact applications of this new technique for the micromanipulaton and characterization of biomedical samples (cells, viruses, and proteins) as well as for nano- and micro-assembly. These tools increase both research efficiency and the number of possible routes that research can take.

The company SATT Lutech funds and supports the maturation of the interactive tools developed for more than 10 years by the microrobotics team from the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics, Pierre and Marie Curie University (ISIR-UPMC).

This project focuses on the possibilities offered by the haptic optical tweezers technique. This website describes the modular and versatile technologies used for this unprecedented interactive system.

The best way to be introduced to the interactive tools, however, is to meet us and experience it for yourself. A permanent demonstration is at your disposal in the ISIR facilities.

Please contact us at tactom@isir.upmc.fr






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